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Open Finger Training

Our flagship product, the DUBL WIDE, will help you develop muscle memory in order to train yourself into better open-finger technique. Wearing the DUBL WIDE as little as a few times per practice will give you the feeling of proper finger separation. As some of the fastest swimmers in the world already know, having your fingers slightly separated increases your hand surface area up to 10%. What does this mean? It means your human paddles just got a whole lot bigger. This is going to let you pull through the water considerably faster – and get you to the wall ahead of your competitors. Studies have suggested that open-finger swimming can shave off .5 seconds per 50 yards.  Aqua Knuckles mean faster swim times for you and your teammates.

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Please visit Allens of Kingsbury for all your Aqua Knuckle needs. They provide free shipping within the U.K.